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Entry #1

Enter the Dragon's Left Nut

2008-07-10 22:31:50 by MusicalDisaster

Aw, bitching. I'm ganna be servin you fools up sum stupid shit.


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2008-07-10 23:01:06

I thought this post was about Dragon nuts.


2008-07-11 03:13:15

SAme here what the eff.. your maken me sadd face :(... BUT HAY... i luv that vid you sent and i doo hope you serve me up sum stoopid shit and i might put u as a favourite author.... :P cuz i LOOOOOVE stupid SHIT.. :) well thats all for now cheerz


2008-07-11 03:48:18

I love you


2008-09-07 05:23:42

Your "stupid shit" is epic shit. I fuckin love it.